What it takes to be great!

Republished Courtesy of NSBC – National Small Business Chamber

Information compiled by: Leanne Rhodes, Head of Creative & Social Media, NSBC.

Avid entrepreneurs are constantly striving to unlock and unleash the potential inside themselves in order to take their business to new heights and ultimately achieve greatness. But what is greatness? Because it is very difficult to measure, it can prove to be a rather elusive concept to define. There is little debate in this fact however; you know it when you see it.

If we are to explore how to achieve greatness a quote comes to the fore: “Before we can conquer the world and achieve greatness, we have to conquer ourselves first”. This begs the question: What are the factors we must acquire or aspire to? Our Facebook users took on this challenge and these are some of the top tips:

Overcome your fear of failure
Never be afraid to make mistakes. If you have never made a mistake, you’ve never truly tried anything. Learn from your mistakes and never give up. Posted by: Luyanda Luthuli

Triumph over self-doubt
Believe in yourself and whatever you want to achieve is possible regardless of your background. Remain positive irrespective of the conditions that surround you or the failures you have been through. Posted by: Johanna Matabola

Strive for excellence
In everything you do, no matter how small, give it your best shot! Put your mind, soul and heart into it. Never do a half job. Stick to it until the end and most importantly do it with love. According to me, success is doing what you love and making a living from it. Posted by: Sthembiso Mthethwa

Be open to learning
Successful people accept negative criticism and process it as constructive feedback. It is vital to learn from your mistakes and lead by example. Posted by: Lehlohonolo Samuel Proverbs Ramaele

Always listen and learn from others. Posted by: Billy Runanga

Change your mind-set
Always think positively, even if some things don’t work out. Keep pushing forward until you get to where you want to be. Posted by: Melinda Requel Gunkel

In order to succeed, I have to become equal to my aspirations. My thinking needs to equal my desires and my actions will line up. Posted by: John Smith

Be self-disciplined
Discipline is key! Focus leads you and helps you get things done. Posted by: Lunga Mehluku

One must be disciplined and be prepared to make sacrifices. Posted by: Jack Mhayise

Make the time to help others
Grow the heart to live for others (e.g. compassion and generosity) and cascade from there into life. A key action is to deliberately listen to others and then act. Posted by: Trevor Jardine

To be great, you need to keep yourself down to earth and remember to spend more on others than on yourself. Posted by: Xolani Walter Madlala

Be consistent in doing the right things. Posted by: Monwabisi Madiba

Take responsibility
Know that in each and every situation you are responsible and are able to choose how you respond.
Posted by: Jabu Mashiya

An internal locus of control, resilience and the keep-on-coming-back tactic is an attribute of an individual who wants to achieve exceptional grades in life. “It’s not the size of the dog in the fight; but it’s the size of the fight in the dog that wins the battle.”  Posted by: Tinotenda Yekani

Plan and act accordingly
The main tool is to make a proper plan and implement it because “if one fails to plan they totally plan to fail”. Posted by: Khotso Khosi

Just start somewhere. There are two things that always get in the way: wishing and procrastination. If you can stop procrastinating and stop visualizing the life you want and start doing something about it, you are well on your way. Posted by: Emmanuel Tshif Selima

Nurture relationships
Be culturally intelligent – finding the ability within yourself to form sound relationships and real connections with positive people around you. Trust yourself, encourage others and have a cosmopolitan outlook in this ever-changing life. Realise, there are no mistakes in life – just mere lessons. Posted by: Anthony Jansen van Rensburg

Remain humble

Release the ego. This makes life less about “me and I” and more about the “we”. Recognize what and who got you to the place of success. Be more grateful and less boastful. Posted by: Michelle Poole

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