The Job Hunt:- Your CV

The way we do business today, is strongly influenced by the Internet. Therefore your job search will be both on and offline.

If you have not kept your CV up-to-date, now is the time to do so. Remember, that when you apply for a job, the are likely to be several candidates doing do, your CV has be comprehensive enough to describe your capabilities and achievements, but brief enough to be read quickly. Do not try to stand out by using fancy coloured paper and fonts and absolutely no attempts at humour.

If you are applying for a job through an agency, they ask to fill out forms that basically duplicate your CV. It is annoying but they use the information to create a CV using their own format.

Make sure you have a copy saved on your PC and that you have a backup. A good idea is to have a copy saved on a flash drive that you keep with you, so if you ever need to give out your CV and you do not have a copy with you, it is possible to print one if you have access to a computer and printer.

You will need to sign up for as many online employment agencies, just search for “Jobs” and you will be presented with several agencies. You will need to supply them with a CV or they may ask you to fill our their own form.

But you can also post your CV online on Web Sites specifically for that purpose.
Build Your Online Presence
It’s a great place to start, or improve your presence on the web.
Public Profile
Your public ID online. Visitors don’t have to sign up to see any of your information.
Helps in a Job Search
Give your applications a personal touch by adding your URL.
Personal Homepage
No need to know code or build your own site. is free and easy to set up.

The most popular Business Social Media. Linkedin is a good place to make contacts and it is the first place recruitment agencies look. is free. It is actally a Blog hosted by WordPress but can also be used to create a Web Site to promote yourself.
After you having signed up for your free account, go to settings and under Reading you can change the Front Page to a Static Page.

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