Unfortunately South African Labour Laws do not favour Small Business. Minimum wages and the process of disciplining and firing staff makes people think twice before hiring staff.

A Small Businessman who has mostly likely invested his life savings, has worked late into the night, is passionate about what he does can face ruin when an employee does not perform the way he should. The discipline procedure is expensive and takes time.

Staff cost money:- not just the wage or salary that they earn. in order to attract the best, you may have to offer medical aid and pension, or profit sharing. Then the is the sot of the equipment that they need in order to do their job.

Because the improvements in technology have made telecommuting possible, it may make sense to employ an off-site contract worker. This in fact allows you to search further afield and go offshore where highly qualified people can be found and even though they are paid in foreign currency, may end up being cheaper than employing (and creating work for) South Africans.

Employing staff does not need to be a nightmare, but you need to be clear in what you want. Every new member of staff must be put on probation for a reasonable period and this must be stated clearly in their contract. Have the contract drawn up by a HR specialist. Make sure that you also provide a clear job description. And be fore to reward hard work.

Even though going off shore may work out less expensive, providing work for South Africans will improve the economy, put more money into circulation and in turn create new customers for you.


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