My Favourite Linux Distributions

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I have used various Linux distributions, that I have liked and enjoyed using before settling on one particular distribution. Each one of this distros is community driven and a perfect replacement for Microsoft Windows.

The distributions are:

The advantages of this distributions are;

  • They are free*
  • You are allowed to legally copy it from a friend
  • There is a huge community of users willing to assist you with any problem you may encounter
  • They are easy to use
  • If you are able to use Microsoft Windows, you can use these distros and will hardly notice the difference
  • They came bundled with free software for just about anything you want to use your PC for, it is not necessary to buy additional expensive software,
  • They can operate alongside Microsoft Windows on the same PC,

and did I mention that they are FREE

SUSE was not the first version of Linux that I used, but was the first one that I did not struggle to use. At this time, Windows was still my main operating system, but I would switch to SUSE whenever I had time to spare and within days become comfortable using it. Soon, I found myself doing more and more of my work in Linux rather that Windows. The switch from Windows to Linux was less painful than I had first imagined.

Because there are such a huge variety of Linux distribution available , I decided to experiment and loaded Mandriva on to my PC. I was very impressed with it. Even though I really liked SUSE, I found Mandriva even more to my personal taste.

I was not too keen on Ubuntu at first. I had previously experimented with a live version and found it too slow. But because of the South African connection, I decided to give a another try. The second time around I was completely blown away. It was easy to use, loaded fast and had everything I needed. It quickly became my operating system of choice.

I bought myself a new laptop which came preloaded with Fedora. I was impressed, it was a very simple and easy to use distro. But I had been spoilt and and quickly loaded Ubuntu to the new PC.

I still use Ubuntu and have not been tempted to change. A distro that has come close to tempting me to change is Linux Mint, which is based on Ubuntu. Close but no, I have stuck to Ubuntu.

These are the distributions, I recommend. They are easy to use and really at the end of the day, you will have to make your choice based on personal preference. You can set your PC to dual boot and thus keep you Microsoft Window on the same machine. But you could just as easy ditch Windows and use Linux and not notice the difference..

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