Marketing and Sales: Part Two – Sales.

Sales are more personal Marketing. Once your Marketing has done its job and gives you a customer interested in your product, you have to now persuade them to buy.

Most of us hate door to door salesmen, we tend to automatically say no when offered something. The Salesman has to first get us to listen and then persuade us to buy. Your Web Site works the same except, the person visiting your Web Site is there because they want or need your product, you need to convert them from “just looking” to a sale.

Your product price and quality obviously have a lot to do with making the sale, the Web Site will also have a great deal of influence on the outcome. And here, you need to look at the layout of your Web Site, How easy is it to find anything on the Site? Then there is the content, is it easy to read, it is it informative, is it persuasive?

The Consumer Protection Act has made consumers aware of their rights – are your  contact details clearly visable? Do you have a clear refunds and return policy published. These are factors that can easily influence the sale.

Whilst all the above factors will help, they may not be enough – you have to have a need to ask for the sale. You need to place a Call to Action where it can be see.T his needs to be seen to standout, like an orange button. Tell them what the benefits are of buying your product and maybe even sweeten the deal by throwing in something extra.

Remember, as long as there is aneed for what you are selling, you will always have customers. Don’t make the mistake of send them elsewhere because of Marketing or even worse, a poor sales presentation.

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