Day to Day Operations

Every business needs to generate an income, every business needs to pay bills and every business must pay tax (or at least submit a return). There is now talk that all business in South Africa will soon need to have be licensed by the local authorities.

Whilst these are a given for all business, how a business operates will vary from business to business. I, for example, work alone out of my lounge at home. Because I work alone, I handle all three aspects of my company – Administration, Marketing & Sales and Operations. In order to do everything I need to plan ahead, monthly, weekly and daily.

There are several ways to do this;

  • Use a diary and fill it in with pencil so you can erase entries and make changes,
  • use calendar software on your PC, such as Outlook,
  • use a online calendar so you can access it from anywhere, using your PC, Tablet or Smart Phone.

I use another way, a spread sheet, saved to my Google Drive that I can access anywhere with my PC or Phone. At the end of every month, I plan the coming month, every Sunday, I plan the following week and every day before finishing up, write up the next day.  For my day to day work, I use WorkFlowy, another online application and print it out.

My daily routine will vary, depending on which hat I wear that day.  But even when I go out to do door to door cold calling, or call on existing customers, I check my mail. I have my eMail synced on all my devices, Laptop, Tablet and Phone. I can reply to my mail immediately and not wait until I am back in the office.

Whatever you do, work alone or as part of a time, from home or from elsewhere, you need a routine. Being flexible is not the same as being spontaneous.

Running your own business takes hard work, being prepared and following a routine will help you get through it and help you on the path to success.


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